Related ICU Projects


ICU4X provides components enabling wide range of software internationalization. It draws deeply from the experience of ICU4C, ICU4J and ECMA-402 and relies on data from the CLDR project.

Language wrappers

The following are some language-specific wrappers that wrap all or part of the ICU's functionality. If you have questions about these projects, please use the normal support channels on their web site.

  • Objective C

      • CocoaICU A set of Objective-C classes that encapsulate parts of ICU.

  • C#

      • GenICUWrapper A tool that generates a rudimentary C# wrapper around the C API of ICU4C. This could be used to generate headers for other ICU wrappers.

  • D

      • is a set of wrappers for the D programming language

  • Erlang

      • icu4e is a set of bindings for Erlang to ICU4C

  • Cobol

      • COBOL A page on how ICU could be used from a COBOL application.

  • Go

      • icu4go provides a Go binding for the icu4c library

  • Haskell

  • Lua

  • Pascal

      • ICU4PAS An Object Pascal wrapper around ICU4C.

  • PHP

      • PHP intl A PHP wrapper around core ICU4C APIs.

  • Python

      • Active: PyICU A Python extension wrapper around ICU4C.

  • R

      • stringi An R language wrapper of for ICU4C.

  • Ruby

      • icu4r ICU4C binding for MRI ruby.

  • Rust

  • Smalltalk

Defunct language wrappers

Language Usage

The following are some languages or language environments that use ICU. The usage of ICU may be optional or required by the language depending on how each language has been configured.

    • Parrot Virtual Machine This is a virtual machine for Perl 6 and other various programming languages. ICU4C is used to improve the Unicode support.

    • PHP The upcoming PHP 6 language is expected to support Unicode through ICU4C.