Throwing the Big Red Switch: How to ship ICU

Big Red Switch task spreadsheets: See ICU <xy> BRS spreadsheets in the "ICU Project" shared Google Drive folder.

Task instructions: See the Release & Milestone Tasks subpage.

Old stuff:

ICU 4.8 to ICU 53: 4.8.1 4.8 & 4.8RC 49M1 49M2 49(RC/GA) 50M1 51M1 and more based on an older ICU BRS Master spreadsheet.

Before ICU 4.8, for several releases, we used a Sites page as the master (see the "backup" subpage) and copied it into a new Sites page per milestone/release (see other subpages), adding status columns.

For ICU 4.0, we used an online spreadsheet.