Collation: ICU4C (4.8) vs. GLIBC (2.13-1)

Collation: ICU (4.8) vs GLIBC (2.13-1)

The performance test takes a locale and creates a RuleBasedCollator with default options. A large list of names is used as data in each test, where the names vary according to language. Each Collation operation over the whole list is repeated 1000 times. The percentage values in the final column are the most useful. They measure differences, where positive is better for ICU4C, and negative is better for the compared implementation.




    1. As with all performance measurements, the results will vary according to the hardware and compiler. The strcoll operation is particularly sensitive; we have found that even slight changes in code alignment can produce 10% differences.

    2. For more information on incremental vs. sort key comparison, the importance of multi-level sorting, and other features of collation, see Unicode Collation (UCA).

    3. For general information on ICU collation see User Guide.

    4. For information on APIs, see C, C++, or Java.