Contacts and Mailing Lists

ICU uses several mailing lists for discussions, announcements and notifications. The mailing list server provides web-based subscription with many options, list archives, digest mode, etc. Please follow the links to the mailing lists you are interested in.

Note: In order to post to the support or design lists you must subscribe first- posts by non-members will be deleted. You can browse the list archives without subscribing by following the links below, or search the archives.

When you subscribe to the lists, please make sure that the email address that you are subscribing matches exactly the address that your email program is using. Otherwise, your emails will not go through to the list. The mailing list server matches addresses strictly, including case and the domain (server name) part of addresses.

As a general rule of etiquette, please do not include confidential information or mark your e-mails as urgent. These are public mailing lists used by many volunteers. The volunteers will try to answer your question as soon as possible.

Do not send "Out of Office" messages to this list. They contribute nothing to the discussion.

You can report a bug or request a new feature with the bug tracking system. (This is not a mailing list, but a web-based bug tracking system). If you have an ICU4C or ICU4J build problem, you will get a faster response from the icu-support mailing list. Please do not use the icu-design mailing list for build issues.