ICU Time Zone Update Utility (ICUTZU)


ICU4J Time Zone Update Utility (ICUTZU) is a utility that supplies ICU4J jar files with the latest time zone information and daylight savings time changeover dates.

The time zone data is stored in zoneinfo.res files which are generated by the ICU team using the Time Zone Database. Every version of the time zone data corresponds directly to a version of the time zone database. For example "2006a" refers to the first refresh of the time zone database in 2006.

ICUTZU works by searching the file system for ICU4J jar files containing old time zone data, checking online for the newest time zone data and updating the ICU4J jar files accordingly. The user can choose to update from a copy of the time zone data that comes bundled with ICUTZU or from an online copy on the ICU servers.

If you would like more information on using ICUTZU, please view the ICUTZU documentation.


Unpack the archive into a directory of your choosing. For Unix-based systems, you will need to set permissions on

chmod 755


You can download the latest version of ICUTZU from here: