ICU Copyright Scanner

What is the copyright scanner?

ICU requires all files checked in to have either one of the following Unicode copyright statement. Usually this is in a comment at the top of the file. The scanner is looking for this statement within the first few lines of file data.


Copyright (C) 2016 and later: Unicode, Inc. and others.

License & terms of use:


© 2016 and later: Unicode, Inc. and others.

License & terms of use:

A command-line version of the copyright scanner can also be run manually, from might be used for verifying copyright comments as a part of release preparation. The script loads cpyskip.txt located in the current directory. If cpyskip.txt is not found locally, it will use the online version ( instead.

    • Note: cpysearch attempts to find items with out of date copyright. However, cpysearch will not produce useful results because the date of files on disk cannot be depended on.

    • Ignore cpysearch, and try to use cpyscan instead.

Exclusion list

If a file can not contain a copyright, like a binary file, simply add the file's path to the file svn+ssh://, and check in the file. Changes to this file take effect every 15 minutes, on the quarter hour. You may have to wait for the changes to take effect. After updating cpyskip.txt, you will be able to check in your new file.

The latest copy that the server is using is viewable as

Exclusion list syntax

The following are some example formats that can be used in cpyskip.txt


# This is a comment. I love comments.



Suffix match

A full file path, starting with the module (icu). It will match files which end with ".jar". (Note, it is not a full regular expression.)


Prefix match


It will exclude all files under icu4j/eclipseProjectMisc.