ICU Userguide

Located at

We might copy the entire userguide to a new location for each release, so we save a 'snapshot'.

To mirror the entire site using wget, you can use the following command. The results won't be very pretty (stylesheets are missing, etc), but it will be self contained.

  • wget -N -m -k

    • This does not seem to work very well: For pages that have sub-pages, the parent page is replaced by a content-less folder, and only the contents of the sub-pages are preserved.

    • This method does seem to work well for the API references:

      • wget -N -m -k

      • wget -N -m -k

A better method seems to be using the Google Sites API, for example via the Java tool from the Google Data Liberation team:

    • For me, on Linux/Gnome, double-clicking the .jar file did not work. I invoked the GUI app via

    • java -cp ~/Downloads/google-sites-liberation-1.0.3.jar

      • Host: Leave the default

      • Webspace: icuprojectuserguide

      • This requires a Google account login. It might work only for Site owners or editors. (I have not tried a non-owner account.) [markus]

    • It is possible to use the command-line version of the tool for regular backups.

    • You can use the same tool to import the files into another Google Site, for example to create a mirror Site. (Choose your domain, if any, your Site, and your domain's Google Account login.)

    • This replaces the target Site's contents, rather than merging it.