Downloading ICU

Latest Release

ICU 69.1 is now available. For details about new features and other improvements, see Download ICU 69.

Official Releases

If you want to use ICU (as opposed to developing it), it is recommended that you download an official packaged version of the ICU source code. These versions are tested more thoroughly than day-to-day development builds of the system, and they are packaged in zip and tar files for convenient download. Here are several recent releases of ICU that are available:

For more details on building ICU once you've checked out the code, please see the readme.html in ICU.

For older ICU releases see the Old ICU Releases page.

Latest Development Milestone

The development milestone release is intended for those who want to get an early look at next ICU major release features. It is not recommended for production use.

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Other Downloads

The following are some ICU tools that are available in addition to ICU.